Welcome to Rocky Mountain Program

We know that it is hard and we know that it seems impossible, but there are a lot of people who managed to get out from that vicious circle.

How It Works

We work to provide counseling to those struggling with addiction. In some cases if more severe treatment is needed we will refer to The Recovery Village Colorado.

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Things We Offer

Detailed program

We will create a schedule that will help you to cure yourself. This program is designed to help you battle addiction. With a lot of work and exercise in nature, you will see that it is possible.

Counseling sessions

If you think that you are not going to make it, don’t worry. WE are here to help you. We are there to give you that boost that will help you with your problems.

Family support

Your family can be there with you and be a part of this program. It is vital for them to be there because they are a major boost for you.

Meet Our Team

Meet some of our most qualifed members

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Mack James

A known doctor who had years of experience with drug problems.


John Kleiner

A motivational speaker who is holding our meetings.


Mia Spencer

A psychologist who will help you to battle these terrible things.

Still Doubting?

  • I had problems with alcohol and with your help and the support of my family; I managed to get out. Thank you for helping me see the light.

    Joan Widic

  • Drug problems are serious things. Without your help, I wouldn’t make it.

    Max Frankwell
    founder of cube website

  • Thank you for helping me get off marijuana. I am a new person thank you.

    Mila Anderson
    Gorcery Store Clerk

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