Signs Of Drug And Alcohol Addiction

We have always asked this simple question, and yet we never understood these signs. You can easily see those signs if you just learn how to spot them. They are easy to spot and really, it is really strange if you can’t see if somebody has a drug and alcohol addiction problem with these things.

Signs of alcohol abuse

First of all, if you see a person who is constantly drunk, and can’t go through a day without being sober, then you can see that you have a problem with an alcoholic. Also, if they don’t drink alcohol on a regular basis, they might feel agitated, angry and sometimes even depressed. Each of us is a different personality, and these substances influence our minds differently.

You need to be prepared for anything. If you have ever seen a person who is not acting normal or they yell or feel depressed, they might have alcohol problems. At least with alcohol, you can’t miss. They will have a known stench from their mouth or body. You can always see an alcoholic and smell him/her. This is not a problem. The problem is to spot those who have problems with drugs.

Signs of drug problems

There are so many types of drugs out there that the symptoms are different for each multiplied by the number of types you can encounter. So the number of symptoms is really big. For example, some drugs get you down, and some of them turn you up. The most common symptom of those who use marijuana is already known. Dry lips, slow movement if they can move at all, red eyes and of course, speech that is uncontrolled and not logical.


This is the option for those who can even talk if they are not stoned to the max. People who use cocaine, for instance, fill a rush of energy. They think that they are extra strong and extra fast. They also have some illogical talk, but you will see them with their eyes open wide. Those who use amphetamine also experience the same effect but with paranoia.